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Whether you are replacing an aging boiler system or building a new facility from the ground up, United Boiler is here to provide expert installation services to get your boiler room operational quickly and efficiently. From retrofits to complete design-and-builds, from replacing worn components to full turnkey installations, our team of certified engineers and technicians can do it all — and we do it right the first time.

Services We Offer

United Boiler provides expert boiler installation services to businesses and organizations across the State of Georgia. Our services include the following:

  • Full installation “from the ground up.” If you’re building a new construction or occupying a new space that doesn’t currently have a boiler system, we can be involved early in the process to install a complete boiler system designed for the space while minimizing and heading off logistical issues.
  • “Turnkey” boiler rooms. We can outfit your facility quickly and easily with a turnkey boiler room system consisting of all the components you need for smooth, efficient operations.
  • Replacement and retrofit. We can replace an aging boiler system with a newer system designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency. We can adapt your new boiler to fit your existing infrastructure, or we can do a complete reinstall of all pipes as needed.
  • Parts and component replacement. We can install individual replacements for aging or failing components, including burners, controls, heat exchangers, pumps, headers, valves, motors and more.
  • Rental boilers for temporary functionality. If your company can’t afford any down time during the installation process, we can install a turnkey rental boiler unit to keep you operational until your permanent installation is ready for use.

Full Range of Options

United Boiler installs boiler systems of all varieties and types to meet a full range of industry needs. We install boilers designed to use natural gas, propane, heating oil or waste oil, with design types that include electric, flextube, water-tube, copper tube, cupronickel, stainless steel and others. In short, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or worked with when it comes to boilers, so we can design, build and install a system suited to your needs.

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