boilers for food processing plants

Food & Beverage Processing

Walking through the aisles of our local grocery stores, we’d be hard pressed to find food and beverage products that didn’t rely heavily on boiler steam for their production. In fact, steam boilers server a critical role in the operations of virtually every food and beverage processing company currently in business. United Boiler provides a […]

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Steam boilers for breweries


Without reliable on-demand steam and hot water, restaurants wouldn’t be able to stay in business for long. United Boiler helps dining establishments throughout Georgia by providing expert installation, repair and maintenance services to help their boilers run smoothly and efficiently. Restaurants rely extensively on their steam boilers for a number of functions, all of which […]

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Steam boilers for schools


School campuses need an uninterrupted supply of steam and hot water for a variety of functions. The failure of a steam boiler can result in the loss of hours of productive education time, and possibly lost school days. United Boiler provides expert service and maintenance to keep school boiler systems operating smoothly and efficiently. In […]

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boilers for apartments

Apartments & Condos

If you own or manage a multi-unit dwelling with shared heat and/or hot water, you have a responsibility to ensure that supply remains uninterrupted for the sake of the residents. United Boiler provides expert installation, prompt repair and reliable maintenance for boiler units in apartment buildings and condos so you and your residents can have […]

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Apartment Steam Boilers

Resorts and Hotels

For hotels and resorts, a high-performance boiler system is absolutely critical to their success — to the point that even a few hours of down time can be devastating to their bottom line. For fast repairs, quality installation and reliable preventative maintenance, you can trust the experts at United Boiler to get the job done […]

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boiler services


Reliable, on-demand steam heat and hot water are crucial to many applications within the manufacturing sector. When down time is not an option, count on United Boiler to provide quality service, repair, maintenance and installation for your boiler system needs. Steam boilers are used across many verticals within manufacturing. They may serve a wide range […]

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Boilers for Aquatic centers

Fitness & Aquatic Centers

Fitness centers, natatoriums and other aquatic centers all require a steady, reliable supply of hot water and steam to keep their operations running smoothly and their members happy. That’s why these facilities look to United Boiler for quality maintenance, installation and repair services to maximize safe operations and minimize down time. Steam boilers serve several […]

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Boilers for breweries


From smaller craft facilities to large scale operations, breweries require a reliable supply of hot water and steam to create their brews and operate their facilities. United Boiler offers expert installation, prompt repair service, and ongoing maintenance to ensure breweries can meet their production quotas safely and reliably, with little to no downtime. Breweries use […]

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Boilers for hosipitals


For hospitals and healthcare facilities, having uninterrupted access to steam and hot water is absolutely essential. United Boiler provides fast, reliable steam boiler installation, repair and preventative maintenance services for hospitals and medical institutions to help ensure their patients receive the quality care they need. Hospitals in general rely heavily on their boiler systems to […]

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