Steam boilers for schools

School districts and campuses need an uninterrupted supply of steam systems and hot water for a variety of functions. The failure of a steam boiler can result in the loss of hours of productive education time and possibly lost school days for private and public schools alike. United Boiler provides expert boiler service and boiler maintenance to keep school boiler systems operating smoothly and with high efficiency.

For example, for a high school, a single steam boiler plant may serve as the heating system and hot water needs of a single building, a cluster of buildings or an entire campus through a network of pipes. A school’s hot water boiler system may provide steam for any/all of the following:

  • Water heating for buildings across campus
  • Hot water for bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Food service and preparation in the cafeteria
  • Sanitation and laundry

Due to ongoing heavy demands, school boiler systems may experience a lot of wear-and-tear which may eventually affect performance. If the boiler operation goes down, it can quickly affect the school’s ability to operate efficiently, and in some cases, the school board will send students home until repairs are made.

Boiler Services for Schools

We provide all the services needed for schools to keep their boiler systems running properly. These may include the following:

  • Maintenance services. Proper preventative maintenance can help avoid costly breakdowns. We offer ongoing diagnostic and maintenance services to keep boilers running smoothly, detecting and addressing small problems before they turn into large ones.
  • Boiler repair services. If a boiler fails, we respond quickly to get the boiler room operational again, typically within hours. If need be, we can respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day, and we can also provide turnkey rental boiler units for temporary boiler replacement while repairs are being made.
  • Design, build and install. We can replace aging boiler systems with minimal amounts of downtime. We can also design and build new boiler systems from the ground up in new constructions.

Don’t let a faulty boiler system disrupt the effective education of your students. Want to learn more about United Boiler’s boiler services for schools?

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