Rental Boilers

When your company relies fully on your boiler system in order to stay operational, a boiler failure can literally translate to thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenue. For hospitals, factories, breweries, food processors and other companies that can’t afford any “down time,” United Boiler has a fleet of turnkey rental boilers from which we can draw to get you up and running quickly while we repair or install your permanent system.

When Do You Need a Rental Boiler?

We typically recommend one of our rental boilers in the following situations:

  • During “down time emergencies.” If you experience a massive boiler failure that shuts down your operation, the primary goal is to get you up and running again. At United Boiler, your emergency is our emergency. If it’s going to take more than a few minutes to repair your system, we can have a rental unit installed quickly, usually within the same day, to get you operational and take the pressure off while extensive repairs are being made.
  • During extensive replacements. If we are performing a full replacement installation or retrofit of your existing system, we can install a temporary rental unit to minimize your down time and keep your business running during the installation process.

The United Boiler Advantage

With most mechanical repair companies, if you need a temporary boiler, they must rent it from a third-party provider, which may result in longer down times and cost you additional money (since they pass their costs to you). Your advantage in working with United Boiler is that we maintain our own fleet of state-certified rental units, cutting out the middle man. This means we can get you operational more quickly and at less cost.

Boiler rentals are just one more way United Boiler goes the extra mile to help our customers get the steam and hot water they need to remain functional during installation and repair. To learn more about our rental boilers, contact us today.

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